WordPress trainings, support, consulting and help or – How to Choose the Right Platform for your Website

Choosing between or for your website depends essentially on the
a. nature of your website
b. how you intend to use it and
c. your level of technical know-how.

Nature of Your Website
Is your blog a personal journal or do you intend to use WordPress to create a company blog?
In the former case, is ideal because it is a relatively cost-effective option and lets you get online and start blogging even before you can say “how to blog

For a corporate blog, where expense is not an issue, is the better option because it gives you greater control over the look and feel of your website, enabling your website to stand out. Using commercial themes and plugins (which you cannot use in, you can impart a professional look and impart great functionality to your corporate blog with

How You Intend to Use your Website?
Do you want your blog to be just mere recoding of events and information that others can read and be part of? In that case, choose
If you want to earn revenue from your blog through Google AdSense, affiliate links or selling your own product, you have to choose I use the word have to because these avenues for monetizing the blog are disallowed in
In, there are no such restrictions.

Your Level of Technical Know-how
If you are technologically challenged and would prefer all the behind the scene work on your blog to remain just there (behind the scene), is the way to go. provides you with the ready format /template and all you have to do is populate it with content. With, having basic knowledge of PHP coding, FTP transfers and the like is necessary to ensure that you are getting the maximum out of your website.

WordPress training modules explain the detailed differences between the two WordPress platforms and can help you choose the right platform for your needs. To get a detailed understanding of WordPress themes and plugins, visit

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