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What Types of Websites Can be Built Using Types and Views

Types and Views can be used to create practically any kind of website. In fact the USP of these two plugins is that they enable creation of complex websites in a simple intuitive manner, with no need for coding.

When someone views a website, the designer/ developer gets all the credit for the creativity displayed. But we (the insiders, so to speak) know the ‘not so creative’ portions of website developing related to coding, debugging and the like that can take weeks of work, making you wonder if there is anything ‘creative’ about the process at all.

Types and Views comes to your rescue. With Types and Views, it is literally a breeze to create complex websites that are elegant yet user friendly. Websites that are feature rich, yet can be created in minutes.

Types lets you define the content on the website and Views lets you choose the best manner to display it. So with a combination of Types and Views, you can create just about any content – custom post types, taxonomies and custom fields (attributed to Types) and display them in the form of lists, create slider effects for the display, decide the template for the display or even customize the template for each view (display) on your site and many other options (attributed to Views).

Some of the more complex websites that can be easily created with Types and Views include:

  • Real Estate websites, where comprehensive listing is required and you need attributes for each property listed.

  • Showcase websites where you can elegantly display your work. You can push the sophistication levels of the website several notches higher by incorporating a slider effect easily with Views.

  • Classified Sites or ecommerce sites, which again demand comprehensive listing of products with various attributable features to spike customer interest.

  • Magazine Sites, where data needs to be pulled out and grouped together in different categories.

Of course, these are only few examples. The kind of websites that you can create using Types and Views is virtually unlimited, restricted perhaps only by your creativity.

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