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What Does Soliloquy Do for Your Website?

This plugin is one of the most powerful image sliders compatible with WordPress. Soliloquy has some amazing features like:

  • Extreme ease of use
  • A solid, secure and conventional WordPress coding at its core
  • Excellent user interface and responsiveness

How to Utilize Soliloquy to Maximize Your User’s Web Experience?

The benefits of this plugin are appreciated by developers and users alike. It sets a benchmark for numerous existent slideshow plugins. Some of the exclusive benefits are:

  • Enhances Speed: Loads only the files it needs exactly at the time it does. If a web page is devoid of an image slider, Soliloquy takes a backseat and pretends not to exist.
  • Betters SEO: Allows for individual titles for images and links and alt tags for images.
  • Matchless Security: It ensures that your data is safe with its failsafe protection strategies.
  • Smooth Interface: Complemented by Ajax and Plupload, the drag-and-drop UI and slider management, respectively, seem like cakewalk.
  • Responsiveness: It is powered with the most reactive slider script, Flexslider that enables display of content in accordance with the size limit; even on mobile phones.

This plugin can handle multiple instances of image sliders on a single page with no possibility of resource duplication. Developers love it because of its hooks and filters which are great tools to broaden its functionality. If you can imagine customizing Soliloquy, it is possible and that’s the most incredible aspect of this jQuery slider plugin.

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