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UpdraftPlus – Backing Up Was Never So Efficient

UpdraftPlus is an excellent plugin that enables backing up your WordPress themes and plugins, your valuable uploads and your extensive database to Amazon S3, FTP, email or Google Drive.

How to Install UpdraftPlus?

  • You can install this plugin from the WordPress Admin panel or upload the folder named updraftplus/ at the location wp-content/plugins/.
  • Next, go to the Plugins menu and activate it
  • Now, go to Settings > UpdraftPlus
  • Follow the simple installation instructions

An Upgrade from Updraft

UpdraftPlus is fundamentally based on the original Updraft plugin. However, it has some additional features and fixes for the bugs in the original version. Some of those are:

  1. Compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  2. Allows encryption of database
  3. Makes single-click restoration possible
  4. Automatic backups can be conveniently scheduled
  5. Backs up almost everything on your WordPress; themes, plugins and your database
  6. Allows scheduling of file and database backup at separate times when downloaded from here.
  7. It overcomes the two major issues with the original version of Updraft:
    • Backs up data stored in tables in addition to WP core tables
    • The backup of database includes charset information, so that you don’t need to be a wizard at SQL to use the backed up data.

If you encounter any bugs, turn on debugging and report the log here. This is perfect way to fix the issue and make the plugin even more robust. WP Training addresses all your WordPress related concerns promptly for the efficient functioning of your website.

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