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Our expert WordPress trainers will guide you through the nitty- gritty and details of WordPress. We guarantee you the right answer every step of the way. Just ask, anything. And we will answer. No need to spend frustrating hours experimenting to make things work. Our experts have years of experience backing them. Allow them to show you the way.

Tutorials are a great way to learn the basics. However, the content and scope of a tutorial, no matter how good, will always remain fixed. A book or a training video can only do so much. Moreover the book and videos run the risk of becoming obsolete. However with our WP experts at your behest, you can rest assured that you will get answers to all your questions pertaining to WordPress at WPTrainings.

A Glimpse Into A Wide Range Of Topics We Cover In Our Wptrainings

  • Installing WP In 6 Minutes
  • How To Secure Your WP Blog
  • How To Back Up Your WP Site
  • Changing in Settings After Installing WP
  • Content Management With Focus On Inserting Contact Form, Formatting Text And Images
  • Best Approach To Linking Your WP Site To Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube
  • Installation And Activation Of Your Favorite WP Theme
  • Homepage Layout And A Whole Lot Of Things With A Complete Understanding Of WordPress
We understand that you have other works to attend to and therefore we give you options to choose your preferred hours of your day that you can spare for your training. All our training courses are flexible and can be customized to meet your requirements. Get the best advice from our friendly experts at a fraction of the cost.