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Top 3 Tips to Monetize your WordPress Blog

1. Choose the right platform

WordPress offers two different blogging options – and The former is a static platform that lets you add content, but advertising is not permitted. The latter on the other hand is downloadable software that has to be installed on a web server. This platform can be customized with themes and plugins and you can display ads and earn money. So naturally choose if your want to monetize your blog.

2. Choose the appropriate themes

A range of free and premium themes are available to choose from to design the ‘look’ of your blog. If you want to earn money from your blog, naturally your theme should have space to display advertisements. Three column themes are usually considered perfect. If you want to display link advertisements choose themes that offer space on top.

3. Choose the appropriate plugins

Choosing the right WordPress advertising plugins can help you earn money from your blog in different ways. Some plugins enable you to effectively manage multiple ad networks and automate several routine tasks. Most WordPress advertising plugins allow you to insert the ads at optimal locations within the blog (including the content) so as to make maximum impact. Some of them can also control the number of ads that are visible depending on the length of the post, so that a short post does not display too many ads and put the reader off.

And a basic tip of course is to advertise products (directly or through affiliate links) that are relevant to your blog.
If you want to earn revenue from your blog, we will provide a WP training program specifically to focus on this area. This will cover an overview of the various options available to you and the best WordPress themes and plugins that can support you.

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