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The Basics of Using WordPress as an API interface blog

An Application Programming Interface should be written such that it can be easily understood and used by people. This article will discuss making a documentation blog for any software based application, e-books, online tutorials and site maps that use documentation based on hierarchy.

To begin with, you must know

  • PHP, CSS and HTML coding
  • Basics of WordPress and installation of its themes and plugins
  • How to design a hierarchical table of contents as per your need

A WP plugin that is close to the need for online documentation is TOCC or Table of Contents Creator. Since it is not customizable exactly as needed, it needs to be modified to work for your WP documentation blog in the following manner:

  • Set up WP post categories and sub-categories so that TOC can follow it
  • It is crucial to assign a post under each main category so that the subcategories and the posts under them show up in the TOC
  • Set up WP categories
  • Begin to enter website content manually
  • Customize the style of Table of Contents
  • Change the default image of the TOCC plugin from the plugins directory, /your-WordPress-dir/wp-content/plugins/table-of-contents creator/icons/professional/img_blog_post.gif
  • Altering the heading of TOC
  • Under Theme > Appearance, edit the link color in TOC or add class and style to the code in the plugin file

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