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Premium Plugins Vs Free Plugins

There are limitless choices when it comes to choosing a free plugin. Why would anyone opt for a paid plugin when you can get something that is almost similar for free? The answer lies in the words “almost similar.” What are the Differences between Premium Plugins and […]

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What Types of Websites Can be Built Using Types and Views

Types and Views can be used to create practically any kind of website. In fact the USP of these two plugins is that they enable creation of complex websites in a simple intuitive manner, with no need for coding. When someone views a website, the designer/ developer […]

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Why You Need Contact Form Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Your intention through your personal blog business website is to enhance the level of engagement with your website visitors/ customers. But giving out your personal contact details is neither safe nor recommended.

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How to Create Awesome Q&A Websites with WordPress Plugins

Question and Answer (Q&A) websites can be fun, engaging and are utterly live and vibrant. Look at websites like Yahoo Answers and Quora. By using the right WordPress plugins, you can bring in the same Q&A functionality to your WordPress blog in mere minutes.

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How to Power Your Daily Deals Webpage Using WordPress Groupon?

With a host of rich features offered, you now have an uncomplicated way to build and manage your group deals website in this era of economic slowdown. Groupon is one of the hottest trends in businesses online and innumerable clones have featured in the recent past. WordPress […]

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