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How to Integrate Social Media Elements in Your WordPress Blog Using the Social Media Widget

These days, one of the best ways for your business to become famous in the online world seems to be via social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. You can integrate trendy social media elements in your personal or business WP blog, and direct people from your […]

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How to Create Awesome Q&A Websites with WordPress Plugins

Question and Answer (Q&A) websites can be fun, engaging and are utterly live and vibrant. Look at websites like Yahoo Answers and Quora. By using the right WordPress plugins, you can bring in the same Q&A functionality to your WordPress blog in mere minutes.

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Benefits of WordPress Q&A Website

Creating WordPress Question and Answer (Q&A) websites has the following benefits Automatic Content Generation The content of Q&A sites is user driven. As some members post questions and others answer, a continuous loop of fresh content is always available on your website. Your role is limited to […]

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5 Benefits of Kohrus Rate with Easy & Convenient Rating

Your flourishing business website must opt for multi-platform socialization in order to stay trendy and reach out to more people in the shortest possible time. Kohrus Rate v0.8 is built to achieve the same for your business. It enables your site visitors to rate your content by […]

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