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Do You Need Custom Plugins For Your Business?

WordPress Plugins help you add useful features to your website and allow you to modify, customize and enhance your website. For example, the WordPress SEO plugin enables you to specify meta descriptions, page titles and specific keywords. It also shows you how it will appear on Google’s […]

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Slide Your Image Effortlessly with TheThe Image Slider

The The Image Slider is an exclusive WordPress plugin which provides one of the sturdiest, creative and multipurpose image sliders built with the aid of jQuery. If you are thinking about getting your portfolio published online, this is the right plugin you must have for great looks […]

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Benefits of WordPress Q&A Website

Creating WordPress Question and Answer (Q&A) websites has the following benefits Automatic Content Generation The content of Q&A sites is user driven. As some members post questions and others answer, a continuous loop of fresh content is always available on your website. Your role is limited to […]

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SEO – How to Optimize WordPress for Search Engines?

The most attractive site means little without search engine optimization. It’s as good as a Porsche without wheels. You can play around with the following WordPress features to get your website to appear higher in the search engine results.

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The Top 3 Theme Frameworks in WordPress

Theme frameworks serve as the starting point for your theme development process. A theme framework is a theme in itself and enhances the efficiency in creating themes as it is code-ready and thus obviates many repetitive code writing tasks. The theme frameworks also offer ready to use […]

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