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SEO – How to Optimize WordPress for Search Engines?

The most attractive site means little without search engine optimization. It’s as good as a Porsche without wheels. You can play around with the following WordPress features to get your website to appear higher in the search engine results.

1. SEO with Permalinks(permanent URLs)

  • Click on Settings => Permalinks for a host of predefined and customizable link structures.

  • To customize the look of your link, go to Custom Structure and type in /%linkname%/ or /%category%/%linkname%/, for your website name to appear as http://yourhomepagename/linkname/
  • A comprehensive list of variables for use in permalinks is available to customize your links to suit your requirements.

2. SEO with Meta Descriptions

  • Go to Posts => Categories in the WordPress admin section and locate the description field.
  • Add simple, crisp information pertaining to the current web page and not any general information.

  • WordPress takes this information directly as Meta Description.
  • Search engines will evaluate this information for its relevance to the page content and rank your page accordingly. Additionally, refer Meta Tag Optimization plugin as a suitable option.

3. SEO with Images

  • Search engines determine the significance and ranking of an image based on the values of its “title” and “alt” tags.
  • For efficient handling of these attributes, there are plugins like SEO Friendly Images which come very handy.
  • After installing this plugin, go to Settings under SEO Friendly Images and enter the information for Alt and Title tags.
  • You can also use various other variables to describe your images. This plugin then makes your images SEO optimized while saving your time.

4. SEO with Headings

  • Use <h1> tags exclusively for your key post headings; use only some <h2> and any amount of <h3> tags for the rest of the titles on your website.

  • Search engines will be able to optimally index the content on your website in the order of correct importance if the headings are favorably assigned.

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