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Premium Plugins Vs Free Plugins

There are limitless choices when it comes to choosing a free plugin. Why would anyone opt for a paid plugin when you can get something that is almost similar for free? The answer lies in the words “almost similar.”

What are the Differences between Premium Plugins and Free Plugins?

1. Reliability

Most of the premium WordPress Plugins are developed and maintained by IT companies affiliated with WordPress. These companies conduct tests and retests to ensure that their plugins are user friendly and virus free.

Free plugins, mostly developed by individuals, may have not undergone thorough and rigorous tests. Hence, they may not be user friendly, effective and reliable in terms of security.

2. Functionality

A premium WordPress Plugin will always offer you more than a similar Free WordPress Plugin. Free plugins offer you minimal functionality options whereas premium ones offer you advanced features and increased functionality.

So will you settle for less? Or would you want more for your website?

3. Updates

You can expect regular and frequent updates when you are using a Premium Plugin. Updates are necessary to fix bugs in previous versions of the plugins. Free plugins, on the other hand, are eventually forgotten about by their creators, hence, updates are irregular or absent.

When you install a Premium Plugin, it is your website that benefits. Premium plugins will help you achieve long term benefits. If you consider your website as an investment, you will obviously want the best for it, so why not invest in the best?
The Top Free WordPress plugins for 2013 are:

The Top Premium WordPress plugins for 2013 are:

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