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No More Frustration – Reveal the Theme File in Use

For a moment everything seems to come crashing down when you discover no visible changes at the front end after having troubleshot or modified an entire theme file! Apparently it was a wrong file you had been working on. Here’s a superb plugin called Reveal Template to make visible the theme template file in use to create the current page displayed, via description in the form of a footer and/or tag.

Website developers and support staff will be able to avoid confusion that arises for the lack of display of the template file in the process of being edited.

As a pre-condition, the theme must call the wp_footer() template tag for the information to appear in the site’s footer.
Template tag that will display the file name:

<?php c2c_reveal_template(); ?>

where, c2c_reveal_template() shows the template name.

To only retrieve the template filename, use

<?php $template = c2c_reveal_template(false); ?>

You have the option to activate Reveal Template plugin whenever you need it. For any queries or assistance with the installation and application of this plugin, get in touch with WPTraining staff for a perfect solution. Also, experts at PremiumWPSupport will be able to offer you complete support for this plugin.

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