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Jetpack – How to Enhance Your WordPress Power

Now you can turn your WordPress website into a fireball loaded with features. These power-packed features were so far available only for the users.
All you need is to download and install the plugin to benefit in the following ways:

1. Subscriptions
Connect with your users by receiving a notification via email every time a user subscribes to your blog or comments on your post. Your subscribers are notified similarly.

2. Stats
Enables you to show simple, crisp site statistics without adding load to your server.

3. Sharing
This is one of the smartest features enabling connectivity with facebook, twitter, and similar tools.

4. Spelling and Grammar
Enhanced grammar and spell check with After the Deadline plugin.

5. VaultPress
A simple subscription will ensure that this plugin provides an automatic, real-time backup for all your site information and protect your website against possible cyber crime.

6. Gravatar Hovercards
It makes your subscribers’ social profile information to pop up making it easier to interact over the web.

7. Contact Form
With this feature, any legitimate user can contact you without the need to reveal your personal email ID.

8. Shortlinks
Instead of using long URLs, you can use customized shortlinks to point to the content on your website; enhancing space management and making social sharing easier.

There are more features which will make visiting your website a terrific experience for your visitors. In case you need any help with installing or putting this plugin to maximum use, get in touch with us today! For a comprehensive support regarding premium WP themes and plugins, please visit Premium WordPress Support.

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