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How to Install and Use WordPress Themes?

Simply put, a WordPress Theme is a “skin” to your website. However, it determines not only the look, but also provides control over a broad range of aspects. A theme changes the display of various facets of a webpage, without affecting the basic software structure.

How to Get a New Theme?

Tried and tested WordPress themes are officially available and can be downloaded for free. If that’s not enough, you can choose from a wide array of themes on the basis of their type or the style of appearance you need for your webpage.

How to Use a WordPress Theme?

The Twenty Eleven Theme is provided by default to get you with WordPress. You can ‘add new’ and switch from one theme to another using your admin panel.

How to Add New Themes?

1. Using the Administration Panel

  • Login to the AdministrationPanel
  • Go to Appearance => Themes
  • Click Install Themes
  • Use Search or Filter to arrive at your choice of Theme
  • Click Preview if you want an idea about the appearance of the Theme
  • Click Install to apply it to your website

2. Using the cPanel

  • Downloaded themes should be in a .zip or .gz format if your host provided a cPanel.
  • Go to your Themes folder either via “public_html/your-wordpress-installation/wp-content/themes” or “public_html/wp-content/themes“.
  • Click Upload
  • After clicking upload, click that file name in the cPanel and then Extract File Contents on the right to uncompress that file.

How to Activate a Theme?

  • Go to Administration Panel => Appearance => Themes
  • Under Available Themes, click on the Theme of your choice to preview
  • Now click Activate Theme Name link on the upper right

Do not activate it if you see a blank preview.
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