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How to Create Awesome Q&A Websites with WordPress Plugins

Question and Answer (Q&A) websites can be fun, engaging and are utterly live and vibrant. Look at websites like Yahoo Answers and Quora.

By using the right WordPress plugins, you can bring in the same Q&A functionality to your WordPress blog in mere minutes.

I have discussed the overview of two popular Q&A plugins to create the most awesome Q&A websites.

1. WP-Answers
WP Answers is a premium Q&A plugin that comes to you with 6 optimized themes. An important feature is automatic content update from Yahoo answers, keeping your site content-rich right from day one. It has auto update feature, ensuring stream of fresh content always. Other features include members’ profiles, points to members for answering questions, advertising management and Facebook and Twitter integration. And all aspects of the site can be conveniently managed through the admin panel.

2. Q&A
The Q&A plugin adds a powerful ‘question and answer’ functionality to your website. The plugin’s full front end capability keeps the admin backend away from your users. Users get dedicated profile pages and can vote on both questions as well as answers. Users can earn reputation points through an integrated feature. Q&A provides customization options via templates and widgets are available to ensure theme integration.

And the best part is to avail all these features, all you have to do is install and activate the plugin and it becomes operational in minutes.

The WordPress trainings at Premium Support WordPress will take you through the details of these and other plugins through which you can easily convert your website into a Q&A website and reap maximum benefits.

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