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How Does Views Work with Headway?

If you have built your website on the Headway theme, then there is a perfect plugin called Headway Views that will let you build exclusive content blocks from within the Headway Grid editor by using Views.

Your Imagination is the Only Limit

  • No limit to the number of designs; create your own by using the tools you need
  • Display your product range, testimonials, customized galleries, showcase your work and much more

Viewing Preview in the Headway Grid Editor

  • You can display custom-made content in addition to regular WordPress content
  • Headway Views can be used to present taxonomy or bespoke fields and post templates, or anything else that you can create with WordPress.

Build tables, sliders, grids and list content in no time with Headway views and get going. Call us for further support with this plugin or any other issues with WordPress.

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