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Factors to Consider While Choosing a WordPress Theme

The theme you choose is responsible for the external look of your WordPress website and hence plays an important role in the success of your website.

Some critical factors to consider while choosing a WordPress theme are as follows:

1. Is it a Personal Blog or a Corporate Website
For personal blogs, you can afford to experiment with themes, choosing ones that you personally prefer, whether bold and elaborate or minimalist.
If it is a corporate website, you need to pay more attention because your theme will represent the ‘face’ of your company (website) online. It might be a good idea to see the themes used by direct competitors to get an idea as to what works and what does not in your niche.

2. Nature of the Website
This refers to the kind of website you are hosting – is it an ecommerce site or a portfolio site or perhaps a review site. Themes are available, specific to niches and using specifically developed themes would be easier as such themes would usually support all necessary add-ons and plugins. As an example, the Storefront Pro is a very good e-commerce theme by ThemeForest.

3. Your Budget
Yes. This is an important parameter. The premium themes that allow more customization options are expensive. Free themes may be alright, but you do not receive support and there may be compatibility issues in case of WP updates. At the highest end of the spectrum are the custom themes that are specifically developed for you and are the most expensive.

At Premium WordPress Support, we offer WordPress training to help you understand how to choose the right themes for your website. We also undertake custom theme development and provide assistance for maintaining your WordPress website.

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