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Benefits of WordPress Q&A Website

Creating WordPress Question and Answer (Q&A) websites has the following benefits

  • Automatic Content Generation

The content of Q&A sites is user driven. As some members post questions and others answer, a continuous loop of fresh content is always available on your website. Your role is limited to moderating the content and not content creation, which is time consuming.
Initially, ‘content seeding’ may be required. However, there are numerous plugins that can efficiently take care of this aspect.

  • Improved Search Engine Rankings

Search engines place great importance on fresh, updated content. In a Q&A website, because of continuous interaction between members, content is always fresh, leading to higher search engine rankings.

  • Increased Revenue Earning Potential

With AdSense and other advertising format for products and services relevant to your blog content, you can earn greater advertising revenues. Because of the nature of the Q&A website, there is continuous activity with questions and answers flying back and forth. Naturally chances of click-thrus for ads are higher.

  • Immense Potential

The potential of Q&A websites is immense and can be harnessed in several ways. For instance social media integration where members can sign in from their Facebook and Twitter accounts enhances the chances of your content virally spreading, which is always good.

With the use of specific WordPress themes and plugins, it is possible to create effective Q&A websites easily. Our WordPress training covers Q&A websites creation and maintenance in detail including liberation of different themes and plugins and tips to maximize the returns from your Q&A website.
We can also develop custom themes and plugins for you Q&A websites.

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