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A WordPress Plugin that Counts Calories

This is no exaggeration. Edamam is a great plugin for cooking websites because it automatically appends calorie and nutritional data to your recipes at absolutely no charge.

How to Install and Use Edamam?

  • You can either install this plugin manually or by using the in-built plugin installer in WordPress under ‘Plugins’.
  • For manual installation, unzip the downloaded plugin file to ‘/wp-content/plugins/
  • Ensure that the files get saved in ‘/wp-content/plugins/edamam-recipe-nutrition/
  • Click ‘Activate’ while installing. Else, go to WordPress Admin Panel > Plugins > Activate the Edmam plugin.
  • To start using it, go to Edit Post page at the top of the text editor section. Then click on Edamam icon.
  • Fill in the ingredient details into the correct boxes, and hit “Add Ingredients” tab.
  • To know more about using Edamam, watch this video.

How Edamam Works?

  • Edamam calculates the nutritional information for recipes based on the ingredients listed.
  • For multiple ingredients lists, paste each list separately in Edamam
  • Edamam can be used on web pages with a single recipe on them

Download Edamam to provide an enriching experience to the visitors of your website with all the calorie counts and nutritional values in place. It hardly takes a minute to download and install this plugin. The best part is that once you install Edamam and enter the list of ingredients, it automatically attaches the dietary information to your recipes at no additional effort.

For any issues with this plugin or any other concern about WordPress, contact us now. For a detailed understanding of WP themes and plugins, click here.

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