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5 Benefits of Kohrus Rate with Easy & Convenient Rating

Your flourishing business website must opt for multi-platform socialization in order to stay trendy and reach out to more people in the shortest possible time. Kohrus Rate v0.8 is built to achieve the same for your business. It enables your site visitors to rate your content by posting on their Timeline on Twitter.

Benefits of Kohrus Rate

1) WordPress Compatible Kohrus Rate has can be integrated into your website with extreme ease and in no time. You can append your theme of choice with this functionality with single-line coding.

2) Reach Out to the Secondary Audience Your business now has the opportunity to connect with and grab attention of the secondary audience, linked to your visitors’ social profile, which was not available before the advent of social web. Click here to find out why this is important.

3) Cost-effective Advertising Kohrus Rate enables your users to express their views about your content on their Twitter timeline. In this manner you have an opportunity to broadcast your opinion and content across boundaries. This is equivalent to advertising, but all you need is invest in Kohrus Rate.

4) Access Live Score Kohrus Rate has a built-in functionality to track the number of votes placed on Twitter, updating the score for your content real-time.

5) Create a Bond of Trust over a period of time with your openness about the ideology of your business. Your attitude will garner a feeling of dependability amongst numerous people, who otherwise wouldn’t have read your content.

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