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3 Reasons to Avoid Too Many Plugins on Your Website

Plugins are software scripts that enhance the functionality of your website. Plugins do perform essential functions like spam protection, enhancing SEO friendliness, creating contact forms etc. But having too many plugins on your site can lead to problems.

3 Reasons to Avoid Too Many Plugins

1. Plugin slows down the site
This is an obvious effect. Every plugin will send a request to the server as it loads. When you have too many plugins, they obviously slow down the loading and also the performance of your website.

2. Plugin can cause plugin conflict
If you indiscriminately add plugins, JavaScript conflicts can result. This occurs particularly if some are low-quality plugins not written well. If you suddenly find that you are unable to access menu items on the dashboard or the widgets ‘drag and drop’ feature is not functioning, the most likely reason is a plugin conflict.

3. Some plugins can compromise security
Even the best plugins may exhibit security vulnerabilities that put your entire site and valuable resources at risk. Recently those using the very popular WP plugins WP Total Cache and WP Touch were asked to change their passwords, as the two plugins were suspected to be susceptible to security breach.

Most plugins are free to download. Thousands of plugins are available on the WordPress directory and more are being developed each day. So the temptation to add plugins is high. Resist the temptation to maintain the optimal quality of your site.

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