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Do You Need Custom Plugins For Your Business?

WordPress Plugins help you add useful features to your website and allow you to modify, customize and enhance your website. For example, the WordPress SEO plugin enables you to specify meta descriptions, page titles and specific keywords. It also shows you how it will appear on Google’s […]

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How to Develop a Plugin

WordPress plugins are (mostly) made of ‘php’ scripts and HTML/CSS/JS files, and enhance existing features or add new ones to your blog website. Most of the WordPress users need no or limited plugins, whereas others enjoy varied plugin features like updated weather reports, rating systems and many […]

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How to Integrate Social Media Elements in Your WordPress Blog Using the Social Media Widget

These days, one of the best ways for your business to become famous in the online world seems to be via social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. You can integrate trendy social media elements in your personal or business WP blog, and direct people from your […]

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