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10 Steps to Optimal Posting in WordPress

You can go ahead and express yourself in almost any way on your WordPress website. We’ll give you some tips on writing posts optimally.

1. Be accessible using ALT and TITLE attributes on URLS and images to make life simpler for users.

2. Write in paragraphs so that your posts look readable and your users develop the interest to read.

3. Use headings to differentiate between sub-topics. Set your headings by typing <h4>sub-heading of section</h4>, with two lines prior to and after. WordPress will automatically make this a title in your post. You can style your heading by appending your style.css file.

4. HTML needs to be used in case you want to modify or customize elements like boxes and headings.

5. Proofreading and running Spell check is a must before you post.

6. Post quality content and not fluff if you want to keep your readers hooked.

7. Write what you enjoy because it reflects in your posts if you write half-heartedly

8. Use images and videos to connect with readers

9. Be prompt with saving posts if you do not want to lose them accidentally

10. Take design issues with ease because writing quality is more important than the blog design. Figure it out eventually

These are only few steps to achieve perfection in your blog post. For more questions and any further support, contact us round the clock!

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